Phototherapy for an Artist

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014
Phototherapy for an Artist

Me taking dad - dad meOk this is a bit of an aside from the pen and ink world, but on an artistic journey I thought it worth some merit to talk about how the Fuji X-Pro has re-energized my interest in photography. For me, this camera has been long awaited. I was one of the first buyers in the UK. It represented the closest amalgamation of a digital camera with the Contax G1/ G2 film cameras. I bought a G1 whilst at University. The images I made from that camera and the 45mm Zeiss Planar lens were like no others I’d taken before. They ‘popped’ out. Personality and detail shone out (when the autofocus worked!) At f2 I managed to get images in limited light where I’d not imagined getting good pictures before. All this in a compact and discreet camera you could carry round.

I’ve dabbled with photography throughout life. I’ve tried to avoid the technical/geek black hole of  ‘comparing this bit of kit with that bit of kit‘ and always approached photography in the same way I fly-fish: keep your kit simple, light, adaptable and cheap. Above all else it’s the artistic vision of the person behind the camera which is more important than the kit in creating a miracle image. Don’t get me wrong here there’s a lot of people out there who enjoy the kit, talking about the kit, comparing statistics on kit and aquiring the stuff on a level unimaginable to those with two kids and domestic fuel bills comparable to the demands of a Magnox 3 reactor. Also there’s nothing wrong with such ‘kit talk/aquisition.’ Reading about this provides ample food for the casual reader about kit – like myself. Indeed I’m grateful for these dudes.

The person who changed my vision on photography was Lomo Kev (AKA Kevin Meridith.) I can’t commend this guy enough. The kit didn’t matter here. What was important was taking pictures and using your imagination. In many ways the more simple the kit, the better. Hence the use of the Lomo camera. Ok there is some fair criticism these cameras have subsequently become an expensive cult, but in terms of back to basics there is no argument.

Anyway it’s been a great three years for me since the X-Pro 1 arrived.


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